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It all starts with a little boy growing up eating a chocolate fudge recipe given to his mother by his kindergarten teacher.   He helped make the fudge for years until mom said "I'm make it!"   It sparked an interest in deserts (read created a chocoholic) and so he expanded on that recipe and learned to make more sweets for himself.  


As an adult, when times were thin, he decided candy was a great way to give family and friends Christmas gifts (maybe in an attempt to keep those family and friends from getting thin, themselves).  They were such a hit, the next year people complained about getting regular gifts again. And from there it flourished because like us, our friends wanted candy year-round.  He knew he had something!



The Sweet Beginning:

Tel: (714) 293-7987

The Kandy Jar

15532 Calverton Drive

La Mirada, CA. 90638


Today the candy recipes have expanded to include so much more than just chocolate.  Ok let's face it; it's still a lot of chocolate.  And now he has a partner and a daughter to share the candy making.  Now we can share it with you and your friends and family!
“Who Needs Dinner When You Can Have Dessert?”
- Randy